March 23

Chaperone for Eagle Bluff Trip

I just completed chaperoning my son’s class for a 3 day outdoor excursion to Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center.

This was a wonderful trip to be able to spend some time outdoors with my son and see him with his peers doing new and exciting things. I also learned a couple new things and got to really challenge myself as well. Each day we had a couple classes on various topics from Animal Signs

to Winter Survival to Pioneer Life to a night hike.

Animal signs on the trail






Winter survival building shelter

One of the highlights of the trip was the ropes course. Now if you have never done this before it might look like no big deal but… let’s say it was challenging.

The ropes course

As a chaperone I was asked if I could assist the kids up on the rope course. I am here to help so I agreed. Well I got the zip line. The. Last. Obstacle. So what does that mean, I got to go first. And let me tell you there is no better motivation than having 17 kids watching you as an adult, work through this thing 30′ in the air walking on a 3/4″ steel cable.

The best thing about this was my son down below sending words of encouragement all the way. Needless to say I made it though and really went out of my comfort zone to get this done.


Returning to the center

I have to say “thank you” again to all the  the staff at Eagle Bluff. From our liaison Grant to the teachers to the cooks and cleaning crew (their motto is “We love mud”) everyone was awesome. The facility is also great. Lots of really cool and interesting things to see everywhere you go.

To close this out, as a parent, if you ever get the opportunity to go and do this with your kids, do it. You won’t ever regret it.

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March 16

Hello world!

First post! I am going to attempt to post and update this site on things I am working on, pitfalls encountered, and hopefully how to finish what I started. Not entirely sure what all will be going here to start with. At present it will be mostly computer related items, attempting to document installs or break-fix items so I can find it back. I have text documents spread out all over the place and well, it is time to get organized.

So, let’s see how this all goes…

March 16

Secure… for now

So, just finished up getting SSL working on this new site using Let’s Encrypt and certbot. I had to hack /etc/hosts to point back to the internal IP as I was getting hit with hairpinning but once I got that sorted, certbot worked as expected. I had to make a couple manual configuration changes to the apache virtual host file to get the correct certificate files and added the following to enhance security, really disabling insecure cypher suites. Got the A+ at so I am going to go with good for now on that front. Security is an ongoing thing so I will be taking another look at this in the next couple days.

SSLProtocol all -SSLv2 -SSLv3
SSLHonorCipherOrder On
Header set Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=63072000; includeSubDomains; preload"
Header set X-Frame-Options DENY
Header set X-Content-Type-Options nosniff