April 28

I felt I needed to post something

It has been a little while since I posted anything so a quick update. I have wrapped up coaching for my kids, I am 1 month into a new job, and spring is here so trying to get lots done outside. New job I think is going well (boss, if you read this and disagree come see me). One of the biggest reasons I took the new position is their use of AWS (Amazon Web Services). Now that being said, I have little experience with AWS so what’s a guy to do but go and learn it! I have used Udemy for learning new things which have been hit or miss in the past. Upon looking for AWS related items I stumbled across A Cloud Guru’s courses and so far, I haven’t been disappointed. I am actually really impressed. So far they have been very informative and easy to follow. It has enabled me to have better discussions with those I report to and it is beginning to give me insight into the power of AWS and how it can/will be able to solve some of the problems we are facing. To say I am excited to begin working on providing solutions and taking things to a new level is and understatement. I am anticipating taking the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate and then the SysOps Administrator Associate certifications but we will see how fast I get bogged down with issues. I am currently 15% completed on the Solutions Architect course work so I hope I can keep up my momentum.