May 20

Home Network Update

Well I am finally getting to it. I have wanted to for awhile now update my home network so I can get segmented lab network(s) off my house stuff. I have a router that is getting a little long in the tooth so I am going to give pfSense a shot. Also got my hands on a couple managed switches to give me the capability to run the various VLANs.

I have quite a bit of stuff at the house. It seems I am always trying something new or kicking the tires on some software package or stack to see how to make it work and if it makes sense to bring up at the office.

I am going to be implementing alot stuff but for me it really comes down to:

  1. Do something fun
  2. More important, see if I can still do all of the things.

Like I said I will be implementing a couple of VLANs: LAN, SAN, OPT3, DMZ, DMZ2 to give me some options and to make sure I am able to firewall and route everything properly.

If there are any up and coming admins, developers, or anyone wanting to do more with computers I can’t suggest more to do something similar. The past couple of interview have specifically asked what does my home network look like and what are you doing. It doesn’t take too much to get some of the basics to try a bunch of different stuff.

I have to say I am impressed with the capabilities of pfSense and right now would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn some different networking concepts. The documentation is pretty good (from what I have seen so far) and the community seems pretty active.

Completely optional but I would also suggest using something like Openfiler or FreeNAS in your design. Maybe not to start with but it can easily be added later. This will introduce storage concepts and give you some basic understanding of how to use storage in your designs. Yes it isn’t EMC or Netapp but it gets the concepts and lets you test some of the theory in using attached storage in your designs.

Well the install of KVM just finished, time to figure out network bonding and VLAN tagging.

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