May 23

Installing Spacewalk

So this was frustrating. Attempting to follow a couple of different “how to install spacewalk” yielded frustration.  I did find this post that was very good and worked, with a couple of caveats I found during my trials it get this installed. This is the post I followed.


  1. Have the hostname set in /etc/sysconfig/network :  (doesn’t hurt to have this correct in /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname either). I overlooked this and it is a stupid mistake. Always set your hostname.
  2. This was the bigger one… c3p0 which provides JDBC DataSources/Resource Pools was upgraded and it’s path was moved. Downgrading to the previous version fixes things. Here is what I did:
    yum downgrade c3p0-

So I have this up and running now. I am continuing to follow the individuals guide on getting the software channels created and setup. I also need to go through my notes, I have some scripts I used in a previous life on SuSE Manager for cutting new channels. Hopefully they will get me in the right direction to managing this pig when it is working.

While continuing with this project I found the following site had some helpful information regarding Spacewalk channels and client installs:

Follow up sites:

How To Manage Spacewalk Channels And Repositories

Install And Register Spacewalk Client To The Spacewalk Server

This is becoming a stream of consciousness and I will need to work out a better way of doing this but another tidbit for password recovery (yes it already happened)

Try using command line tool

satpasswd <username>

Addition of the EPEL repo:

epel channel
Channel Name: centos-7-epel-x86_64
GPG key URL:
GPG key ID: 352C64E5
GPG key Fingerprint: 91E9 7D7C 4A5E 96F1 7F3E 888F 6A2F AEA2 352C 64E5

epel repo
Repository Label: centos-7-epel-x86_64
Repository URL:


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