January 3

In the end…

My wife and I are frequent readers of theChive.com and she forwarded this post to me:


This was heartbreaking to read. I understand that not everyone sees or views a “pet” as a family member or anything more than a simple animal; however it was heart wrenching for me to read this.

I do not say this lightly and to put into context, my family euthanized our two pets, 18yrs (yes, 18yrs old) and 12 yrs old, less than a year ago (congestive heart failure, collapsing trachea, AND abscessed tooth that could not be operated on for fear of anesthesia). One of the hardest experiences I ever thought I would have endure, it never ONCE crossed my mind to not be by their sides at the very end. I was especially proud of my kids, 9 and 11 who stayed with them throughout the process and recognized that we need to be with one another and with familiar faces at this most crucial hour.  Recognizing, that while they loved you and your family, YOU are their life and to recognize YOU play such a massive part in their lives to be there when they need you most.  They recognized those two family members, no matter how small or hairy, had been with them from the beginning of their life until the end of THEIR lives… it was obvious where the line is drawn.

PLEASE, look outside yourself and look in your heart to see the ONE mammal who has nothing but YOU in theirs.